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Complexity, executed with precision

corporate development   I   transformation   I   product development


to design concrete implementation steps and the necessary set-up for a successful realisation of strategic decisions


to deliver the basis for complex

initiatives, like

  • projects & programs

  • products & services

  • strategic corporate development


in financial services

  • insurance

  • payments

  • retail banking

  • wealth management


  • B2B partnerships

  • M&A and private equity


to support companies to be and to remain successful in a constantly evolving VUCA* world

VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex & 


Internationaler Rollout (agil - 6 Länder) > Omni-channel Plattform für das Retailgeschäft einer Bank
International rollout (agile - 6 countries) >
retail banking omni-channel platform


  • planning (timeline, scope, countries ...)

  • project charter

  • delivery / governance / collaboration model

  • change requests

  • go to market strategy

  • driving ad-hoc necessities (e.g. delivery of MVP and first production release)

  • steerco preparation

  • etc.

role: deputy program manager

Product & Corporate development > 
savee - Your digital finance buddy


  • business modelling

  • planning (budget, timeline, scope ...)

  • product roadmap & backlog management

  • fundraising

  • tender (RfP) execution

  • financial model

  • (delivery) partner definition

  • concept development

  • go to market strategy

  • UX / UI strategy

  • user flows

  • etc.

role: founder

Operating Model Neuausrichtung > Asset & Risikomanagement, Wertpapierbuchhaltung und Reporting
Operating model adjustment >

asset & risk management, security accounting and reporting


  • business analysis

  • interface analysis

  • action plan

  • operating model review

  • definition of target state

  • PMO

  • planning (resources)

  • sign-off procedure

  • etc.

role: project manager



Chief Changemaker & Co-Founder Moonshot Pirates

Tobias is a brilliant mind who thoroughly understands his craft. I had the pleasure to work with him on multiple occasions. His level of professionalism was remarkable and I was very much impressed by his detailed understanding of the problem, structure, and requirements as well as his creativity in finding solutions. Besides, Tobias is a great soul that I’m happy to call my friend

Managing Director Quanteroo

(former Accenture & Capco)

Tobias has an incredible gift for making the complex appear simple without simplifying. It’s always a great pleasure to work with him and Tobias delivers to an exceptionally high standard. He consults impeccably to understand organisational needs and then offers innovative business relevant ideas and solutions. He challenges your thinking, provides you with alternative perspectives and, where appropriate he generates and co-creates solutions.

Department Head IT&O Volkswagen Versicherungsdienst & Porsche Versicherung

Tobias is extremely reliable and always completes his tasks efficiently and on time. No matter how complex an issue is, Tobias has the ability to grasp it quickly and put it into action. His analytical skills are impressive and he always finds creative solutions to problems. In addition, he exudes a remarkable calm, even in stressful situations. This makes him an excellent team member and a trusted point of contact. I am very satisfied with his work and appreciate his skills. Tobias is definitely an asset to our team.

Head of Agile team / Digital LAB - Sberbank Croatia

If I would need to describe Tobias in three words I would say the following: Hard worker, Passionate and Consistent. We have worked together on a big international project of Omni-channel platform implementation in the bank. The project was successfully launched thanks to the all great people who worked on it, but the crucial part of the success was building of solid foundations for the whole project on the very beginning. Tobias was playing the key role in that part. He is the guy I would always like to have on my side.

Managing Director and Founder eyeLearn

Tobias helped us a lot with his outstanding skills and his long experience in getting our company market ready. He showed us what is important and what specific goals we should address. With his accuracy and understanding in the field of business consulting and sales, he has created creative ways and processes with us, which have helped us a lot. I always look forward to a mutual exchange with him, because in the meantime Tobias has not only become a business partner, but a friend. 

years of experience in project management, product development & corporate transformation
projects, most of them international
business ideas (co-) founded
team size managed
incredible boys with my fantastic wife :-)

Hi there! My name is Tobias and I am the founding managing director of mosaik Projects, a management consultancy that specializes in corporate development, transformation and product development.

Over the past 15+ years, I have gained extensive experience in project management, product development, and corporate transformation, working on 17+ projects, many of them international. I have also co-founded four business ideas and managed teams of over 100 people.

At mosaik Projects, we're currently developing savee, a digital finance buddy for kids. Next to the daily business, I'm passionate about supporting initiatives and companies that contribute to a sustainable society through their impact.

My goal is to use my expertise to help others in the successful realization of complex initiatives. If you're looking for support in strategy development and execution, I would love to hear from you. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I look forward to connecting with you!


If you're looking for support in strategy development and execution, we would love to have an exploratory conversation.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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