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complexity, executed with precision

we are a management consultancy

from first thoughts to tangible results!

from thirst thoughts to tangible results

1) let’s talk about a strategic topic within workshops 2) find out how to solve it or decide if you can do it 3) get ready and get the right people together to work on it 4) make sure everything fits into your organization / make sure the product is ready for the market 5) learn and share the lessons with everyone involved and make sure they’re used in your organisation.

corporate development

one step ahead of competition

elevate your corporate strategy with our proactive approach. We excel in buy & build strategies, operating models, due diligence, negotiation, B2B partnerships and grant applications.


excel your business and IT landscape with expertise in divestitures, acquisitions, integration, international rollouts, project charters, UX/UI, and change management. Unleash strategic transformation for success.

business & IT architecture

product development

crafting success through value roadmaps, MVP/MMP development, prototyping, persona definition, partner management, usability testing and  strategic launches.

meet customer needs

The team has an incredible gift for making the complex appear simple without simplifying. It’s always a great pleasure to work with them and they deliver to an exceptionally high standard. They consult impeccably to understand organisational needs and then offer innovative business relevant ideas and solutions. They challenge your thinking, provide you with alternative perspectives and, where appropriate they generate and co-create solutions.

Managing Director Quanteroo
(former Accenture & Capco)


we divide into two divisions


management consulting

logo savee

in-house product development

Tobias Schaller


founding managing director

Tobias Schaller


project manager

Tobias Schaller


industrial designer @savee

Tobias Schaller


executive assistant

Tobias Schaller


impact orchestration @savee

we collaborate with state-of-the-art partners


  • scaling partners to recruit capacity for large scale transformation 

  • branding, product design, UX/UI and motion design

  • firm-, hard- and software development

  • ESG (environmental, social and governance)

  • virtual assistance (back office, marketing and research)

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